Friday, January 19, 2024



Last night, I had a beautiful moment of inspiration. In the stillness of the night, I reached for my Bible and opened it randomly, expecting a profound message.
I was not disappointed!
Because there it was, highlighted on the page from another time, "LOVE never stops loving!" πŸ’– Dr. Simmons, the author of the Passion Translations, masterfully conveyed this ancient message of LOVE.
LOVE is expansive and incredibly patient.
LOVE is gentle and unfailingly kind.
LOVE supports others' successes, never boasting about its own
LOVE stays with us, closing the book on shame.
LOVE refuses to be easily annoyed or angered.
LOVE celebrates the light in people and never the darkness.
LOVE is a sanctuary, always believing in the best for others.
LOVE never gives up! πŸ™
πŸ’«πŸ’– Embracing the Mystery of Love πŸ’–πŸ’«
The message continues with these profound words: "For now we see but a faint reflection of riddles and mysteries as though reflected in a mirror." 🌌 It reminds us that our understanding is limited. But one day, we will comprehend it all, including the boundless beauty of AGAPE LOVE. 🌟
In the meantime, three enduring treasures remain faith, hope, and LOVE. Among them, LOVE reigns supreme! ❤️ So, let's make LOVE our daily portion, the guiding light of our lives. Let LOVE be the compass that directs our actions, thoughts, and interactions. 🌈
LOVE is the most magnificent prize we can hold, and it's a race worth running every day of our lives. πŸ†✨
May your day be filled with LOVE, faith, and hope! Spread LOVE like confetti, have faith in the journey, and let hope be your constant companion. Together, we can make the world a brighter, more loving place. πŸŒπŸ’ž
1 Corinthians 13

Friday, January 12, 2024

"The I AM in us determines the I can!

Let us say without fear, "I AM what He says I AM. He is in me; what He says He is! I can do what He says I can with His ability in me.

This makes my life big and rich.
This makes me worthwhile to Him.
This makes us partners with Him.
I'm going to take my place with Him and enjoy my rights!
FAITH will lead me where reason cannot walk."

THE ABOVE EXCERPT IS FROM DAVE’S BOOK: Faith, Believe It or Not! by Dave Duell 1989

Yesterday, my spiritual father came to mind. I was so blessed to call him Daddy Dave. In 2010, He swooped me up, encouraged me, imparted healing gifts, and loved me. He was instrumental in my supernatural adventures, and I am so thankful for my time with him and his wife Bonnie Duell

Dave, an international healing evangelist, loved assisting people in activating, refreshing, and revealing the LIGHT and POWER that has ALREADY BEEN PLACED inside us. He wrote in the same book a simple exercise that we can do right now:

"I want you to pray with me now. I want you to put your hands in your lap with closed fists, indicating that you have your own life in your hands. You hold the abilities and possessions God has given to you. Think of your relationship with God through Jesus. NOW, slowly open your fingers and release your life into the hands of God, not looking at yourself, but saying, "Here I AM. I'm yours, ready to be released and anointed by the Holy Spirit."


Wednesday, January 10, 2024



As I reflect on this second day of January, a memory from my junior high days comes to mind. πŸ˜„ Back then, for some reason, 🀷‍♀️ some of my peers called me a "weirdo" and told me that I was "off the wall." πŸ€ͺ
Little did I know the profound impact that moment would have on my life. It was then that I made a declaration that I have continued to hold dear throughout my journey:
I told them, "I prefer to be off the wall because there is much more room!"
Later, I added, "There is a lot more room for imagination, exploration, and expanding consciousness." πŸš€πŸ’­
Here's to those who challenged us, embracing our uniqueness, being a little "weird," and exploring the limitless possibilities that await us in the new year! 🌟✨
One Minute Video for youπŸ‘‡
I love this quote:
"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. It's never crowded along the extra mile. I think, and that is all that I am." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I Met God in Sanborn

Going through some trials...
perhaps you will find some encouragement here as I am reminded this morning that:

twenty-five years ago, yet it seems like yesterday. The encounter was undeniable and unforgettable...
Though it sounds like a clichΓ©, our cupboard was bare. One Sunday evening, I walked across our DIY hand-painted black and white checkered floor and swung open the pantry door to find no snacks to place in the boys’ lunches.
I shook my head from side to side, then rounded them up for a walk. The market was less than a mile away, and I knew the fresh air would clear my head.
My boys, grade school-aged at the time, thought it would be great fun. They laced up their rollerblades and raced down the sidewalk. It was a beautiful autumn evening. I walked alone briskly, still shaking my head, amazed at how quickly things had turned for the worse.
Working in sales trained me to draw on the positives, so I attempted to muster hope. My wallet had enough money to buy the eggs needed for the single box of cupcake mix remaining in the pantry. But the positive self-talk wasn’t much affecting my mood. I kept walking.
The sunshine faded, and the street lamps began to glow. I could hear the all-too-familiar negative self-talk as it sounded like a drum in my mind. I began to obsess about our state of lack. A poverty mindset was creeping in; I could feel it through my body. I was dumbfounded.
Due to the severity of our financial pressures, in an attempt to make ends meet, I had already used my diamond ring as collateral on a loan from a friend. Ironically, it was the same diamond ring I had almost deposited into the offering plate the night I responded to the altar call years earlier. The loan was obviously only a Band-Aid.
The money had already been spent.
An onlooker wouldn’t have been able to see the struggles we faced. We lived in a nice home just across the street from a beautiful park and fishing pond; we had nice cars; both of us worked; we attended all the kids’ sporting events and school functions. Few knew of the dysfunction destroying our family behind closed doors. Isolation had set in, and I had unknowingly embraced it.
The fluorescent lights of the grocery store awakened me to my surroundings. The trip inside lasted only a moment; I only purchased eggs. I walked around the back of the shopping center to capture the light coming from the full moon and reflecting brightly on the lake's surface. I stopped for a moment and smiled. I’d suddenly found joy as I watched my children rollerblade down the walkway. I was thankful for them. I remember looking up at that seemingly oversized moon with awe.

A simple yet foreign declaration bubbled up from within me and came forth: I now accept abundance in my life.
A few moments later, three teenagers approached out of the shadows. They were wearing t-shirts bearing the name of our church. The first one carried a large plastic trash bag. My boys rolled up to see what was going on. We seemed to be in a slow-motion movie scene again as the first boy said, “We’re doing random acts of kindness this evening. Would you care for some snacks?”
Instantly, the presence of God hit me, and I began to weep. The boys were part of the youth group. I told them what my mission had been that evening. They cried, too. They shared that they hadn’t been received very well and offered us the large trash bag filled with chips, cupcakes, cookies, and more.
Of course, we accepted the generous gift, hugged the boys, and I practically ran back home. We left that park with enough snacks to last two whole weeks! I was thrilled about how the Father had orchestrated that evening. I became determined in my heart to find out more about Him.
This was a divine appointment orchestrated by Holy Spirit.
The encounter with my grandfather (another story) and the night in the park was just the beginning, a small taste of what would come. I wasn’t familiar enough with God’s Word yet to relate the events to scripture, yet He provided an abundance of the Spirit —and snacks, too!
Needless to say our life took a big turn after that day! Transformation and many changes took place. But those are all stories for another time!
πŸ—️ A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow. (John 10:10 TPT)
(Excerpt from my book: Awakening, Diary of a Mystic)
I just created YouTube audio version this morning:

Monday, January 8, 2024


 I like to prophesy over myself via affirmations and by personalizing scripture. It's fun AND POWERFUL to allow the Mind of Christ in me to expand my view.

I wrap myself with shimmering, glistening light. I wear sunshine like a garment of glory. I stretch throughout the starry skies like a tapestry. And I ride as queen in a chariot made from clouds.
Psalms 104:2


Over the last several years, I found myself on an incredible journey of self-discovery that led me to question and release many of the beliefs I had held for so long.

It's been a process of untethering myself from the chains of religious falsehoods that had kept me bound in guilt, shame, regret, fear, judgment, and so much more.
As I sat in my studio one day recently, lost in thought, something extraordinary happened. I was transported into a vision. I now sat holding a book in my hands.
I cautiously opened the book, and to my shock, I was confronted with a vivid image of a moment from my past that filled me with shame. Looking in horror, I heard a whisper, "I love you."
I turned the page to another sordid memory, something I had regretfully said at one point, and again, I heard, "I love you."
Each page seemed to unveil a different memory, and the weight of my past mistakes pressed down on me. It was as though my very soul was laid bare before me, exposing my vulnerabilities and regrets.
Yet, during this overwhelming experience, a gentle and reassuring voice broke through the darkness each time I turned a page.
It was the voice of Holy Spirit, my comforter, whispering, "I love you." Those three simple words echoed through my being, offering solace and hope in the midst of my shame.
As I reached the final pages of that haunting book, I understood that my journey was not about the things I have said or done in this human experience; instead, it was a profound lesson in surrender and acceptance.
This Book of Shame revealed my past mistakes but also unveiled a divine truth—I am loved unconditionally.
I closed the book, which was locked and sealed, symbolizing closure and forgiveness, knowing my Abba Daddy had loved me through every mistake, regret, and moment of shame.
Though I have often tried to reject that love and even run from it, I know there is nothing I can do to keep Him from loving me with that agape love that I can't even begin to understand.
Two-minute video: Book of Shame is Closed
If you are burdened by shame or regret today, on New Year's Eve, I implore you not to carry it into 2024. Surrender it, release it, and embrace the truth that nothing you have ever said or done can separate you from the boundless love of God. You, too, can experience the profound reassurance that, in the eyes of God, you are loved beyond comprehension.


  LOVE NEVER STOPS LOVING Last night, I had a beautiful moment of inspiration. In the stillness of the night, I reached for my Bible and ope...